Everything You Need To Know About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

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If you are looking for high quality, perfectly priced CO2 laser cutter supplier in China, don’t look any further than Allwinmac laser machine supplier. We are among the leading laser cutter and laser engraver machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shandong Baihong.

We manufacture various models of CO2 laser cutter machines with different specifications. We also manufacture Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Engraver, and CO2 Laser Engraver.

Simply let us know your requirements and we will get back to you soon with a no-obligation quote.

About Allwinmac CO2 laser machines

With more than a decade of experience in the laser cutter manufacturing industry in China, Allwinmac has gained immense popularity. Through high-quality laser machines and efficient after-sales service, the company has garnered a lot of trust from the clients.

We are among the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China. We follow streamlines processes and have a quality control process in place that we follow diligently. We have a facility spread over an area of 5000m² with a big production capacity.

Allwinmac offers premium quality CO2 laser cutters. There are various features that make the product even more enticing.

  • Innovative design with more focus on the ergonomic aspect
  • Presence of magnetic switch to ensure safety at the workplace
  • Integrated with waste collection equipment to pick up the leftover raw materials
  • Rear and front entry so that the elongated plate can pass

There are various reasons that suggest why you can consider choosing Allwinmac machines. The foremost factor is that we have more than 12 years of experience in the field. We have a diverse clientele that extends to more than 80 countries. It is this expertise that allows the company to offer high quality and the latest technological laser cutters.

Allwinmac offers a wide variety of services, including installation, training, operation, and commissioning of the machines. Moreover, you will also get support from a dedicated team round the clock. Apart from that, the company has a competent R&D department.

Most importantly, our company also offers a warranty. All the laser cutter products from Allwinmac come with a warranty period of 36 months. This speaks volumes about the quality of our products.

Allwinmac also offers wholesale OEM&ODM laser machines for distributors, suppliers, brands, and companies worldwide.

We are committed to assist established and budding business organizations. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Allwinmac CO2 Laser Cutter Machines

  • CO2 Laser Cutter Model-6040–Working area-600*400
  • CO2 Laser Cutter Model-6090–Working area-600*900
  • CO2 Laser Cutter Model-1390–Working area-1300*900
  • CO2 Laser Cutter Model-1410–Working area-1400*1000
  • CO2 Laser Cutter Model-1610–Working area-1600*1000
  • CO2 Laser Cutter Model-1810–Working area-1800*1000

Specifications of Allwinmac Laser Cutter Machines

  • Laser Type: CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, water cooling
  • Laser Power: 40W/60W/80W/100W/130W/150W
  • Engraving Speed: 0-1000mm/s
  • Cutting Speed: 0-600mm/s
  • Re positioning Accuracy: <0.01mm
  • Minimum forming character:    Figure/English :1*1mm, Chinese 1.5*1.5mm
  • Power Supply:      220V±10% 50HZ or 60HZ
  • Software supported:   Artcut, Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD
  • Main Graphic Format Supported: PLT/DXF/DST/BMP/AI
  • Optional parts: Motorized up and down table, auto focus, rotary
  • Running Environment: Temperature 0-45°, Humidity 5-95%
  • Warranty: One year except consumable parts

Main Features of Allwinmac Laser Cutter

  • Latest ergonomic design adds to work efficiency
  • Reasonable size and structure for added convenience
  • Front & Rear entry for super-long plate to pass through, back stand for materials
  • Safety magnetic switch ensure safe work environment
  • Imported and sturdy linear rail guide offering stability and precision
  • Waste collect device, easy to pick up samples and save raw materials
  • Machine has space at the back for chiller, air compressors, and exhaust fans

Laser Cutting Technology Overview

In the last few decades, laser cutting technology has evolved immensely and find its application in many industries. Some of you might be new to laser cutting so let us begin by discussing – what is laser cutting? In layman’s terms, laser cutting is the technology that uses laser to cut various materials. It was formerly only used in manufacturing industries. However, nowadays, it is used in small businesses and schools too.

The inner mechanizations of laser cutting are quite intriguing. In this process, a high-powered laser is aimed at the material directly via CNC (computer numerical control) and optics. In commercial industries, the laser cutting machine generally utilizes a motion control system. It then follows the G-code or CNC of the shape that is to be sliced on the material.

When the focused laser is directed at the material, it either burns, melts, blows, or vaporizes by gas resulting in impressive surface finish.

One of the main and popular types of laser cutting is CO2 laser cutting. In this technique, a gas laser is used to slice materials. The primary reason behind its popularity is the accuracy and the ability to produce different shapes.

It is interesting to know that this technology has been around since the 1960s. As mentioned on Wikipedia, Kumar Patel of Bell Labs invented CO2 laser in 1964. Various mixture of gases used in CO2 laser cutting are carbon dioxide (CO2), helium (He), and nitrogen (N2).

There are various materials that you can cut with the aid of a CO2 laser cutting machine. Some of them include paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, rubber, metals, leather, ceramics, PMMA, etc. The endless applications of the CO2 lasers make it even more appealing.

With high demand of CO2 laser machines, several companies that manufacture and supply some of the best CO2 laser cutting machines in China. Later in the article, we have discussed  ‘How to buy CO2 laser machines’.

Benefits Of CO2 Laser Cutting Machines 

There is a wide array of advantages associated with CO2 laser cutting machines. There is a huge difference between fiber and co2 laser cutting machine. Here, check out the benefits of the CO2 laser machines.

  • High speed

One of the primary benefits of the CO2 laser machine is the high speed. For instance, take a look at the speed of a CO2 laser with 2KW power while splicing stainless steel. The steel has a thickness of 2 mm, and the speed is registered at 3.5m per minute. Now, the same power laser is used to cut carbon steel of 8mm thickness. The speed is noted at 1.6m per minute.

  • Superior cutting quality

With cutting lasers, you can make small incisions. Furthermore, you can also attain a high degree of precision. The premium-quality cutting adds to the appeal.

  • Fewer cleanups

As the laser beam is directed with high precision, there is hardly any debris left. It means that you do not have to do much cleanup after the process. This saves a lot of effort.

  • Inexpensive

The CO2 cutting laser machines are quite affordable. They are available at much more reasonable rates than other cutting technologies.

  • Safe

The absence of a blade makes the CO2 laser machine quite safe. Furthermore, the laser beam is sealed in a tight box as a further safety measure.

  • Versatility

Since the width of the laser beam can be changed, it possible to obtain variety in cuts. It is this characteristic that also makes the technology suitable for cutting other types of materials.


  • Non-metallic materials

Apart from these, the CO2 lasers are best for splicing non-metallic materials like textiles, acrylic, plastics, stone, glass, etc. They are also used across numerous industries, such as pharmaceuticals, building materials, electrical appliances, etc.

Also, CO2 cutting lasers are ideal for cutting thicker materials. They offer smooth finishes when the materials are more than 5mm. Furthermore, you will also get straight-line cuts.

These are some of the advantages of CO2 laser cutting machines.

How CO2 laser cutting machines work?

Now, that you are aware of the plethora of advantages of CO2 lasers, next, let us find out how CO2 laser works. The process is impressive, and the result is a high-quality cut with a smooth finish.

The CO2 laser cutting machines produce the beam in sealed metal or glass tube containing – carbon dioxide. When high voltage passes along the tunnel and comes in contact with the gas, it results in light formation and increased energy. Moreover, due to the production of such high-intensity light, heat is formed. The heat is strong enough to melt or vaporize the required materials.

The tube is fitted with a completely reflective mirror at one end. On the other end, there is a partially reflective mirror. The reflection of light from one point to another increases its intensity even more.

Within some time, the intensity becomes so much that the light is able to move through the partially reflective mirror. Then, the lights are reflected in different mirrors staged at strategic positions outside the tube. The light hits three mirrors in the required direction with high accuracy. This is the co2 laser cutting machine working principle.

The location of the last mirror is within the laser head. It redirects the beam of laser vertically across the focus lens and directs it to the material. The main duty of the focus lens is to ensure the precision of the laser to the particular spot. The focus of the laser ranges from 0.1mm to 7mm. No wonder the technology is so popular.

The Computer Numerical Control or CNC system coordinates with the focus lens and mirror to move the laser in the desired directions accurately. With such high speed, it becomes possible to make some impressive intricate designs.

The laser cutting process also emits gas. Depending on the type of material you need to cut, you can choose the gas.

CO2 laser cutting applications 


Co2 laser cutting machines have a wide variety of applications. You can take a look at some of them here. It will give you a definite idea about why CO2 laser is so common.

  1. Plastic film

The CO2 laser cutting process does not require any direct contacts. It means that the thin plastic film is safe from deformity. Moreover, there is less wastage. With such high precision, you can attain intriguing designs and layouts. You can get micro perforation, kiss cutting, etc. Now, it is easy to produce thin films used to package vegetables.

  1. Leather

Making intricate designs on leather results in high returns for the fashion industry. The cut is of high precision as leather is known to be low-conductive. Now, you can get high-quality decoration at the lowest costs. Moreover, it also enhances work safety.

  1. Metals

Another, major application of CO2 laser cutting is metal cutting. This includes welding and drilling. Here, the thing that matters the most is accuracy, and the laser beams can provide that. Moreover, the focused lens allows for high precision. It ultimately produces a flawless and refined result.

  1. Woods

Apart from metals, CO2 lasers are also ideal to cut non-metals like wood. Since it is made up of carbon, it can absorb the huge power emitted from the laser beam. However, the different cutting types depend on the power output. You can opt for engraving in any type of wood, regardless of the thickness. Furthermore, you can also do markings on finished, semi-finished, polished, and natural wood. Also, the cuttings on wood may result in dark brown or similar coloration.

  1. Glass

With the assistance of CO2 laser machines, you can attain beautiful glass designs. The most intriguing aspect is that glass has the capability to absorb the light emitted from the laser beam. It, in turn, increases efficiency at reduced cost. The cuttings are precise and do not change their properties in any way.

Apart from these, there are many other applications of Co2 laser machines. Their widespread usage in cutting different materials explains the reason behind their popularity.

What is the difference between a co2 laser and a fiber laser? 

There is an ongoing debate as to what is better – a fiber laser or a CO2 laser? While the answer mainly depends on the material that you want to cut.

However, you must keep in mind that the fiber laser as well as the Co2 laser uses the infrared range. Still, there is a point of difference that separates them.

The CO2 lasers usually have three different wavelengths. These include – 10.6, 10.2, and 9.3 micrometers. The wide range of wavelengths offers a high degree of flexibility. It is mainly why the CO2 laser is also used to cut non-metals like wood, paper, glass, fabric, acrylic, etc.

Now, the fiber laser has only one wavelength of 1.064 micrometers. While it is excellent to cut metals, there is a great limitation while working with other materials. These lasers are ideal for metal annealing, engraving, etc. The focal diameter that they produce is quite less when compared to the CO2 types.

The next difference is the power consumption of the different laser types. Now, with CO2 laser machines, there is much higher power usage. It can consume around 70kW when it operates with full power.

But, the fiber lasers use much less power. They can operate at the same level as the aforementioned CO2 laser by consuming just 18 KW. Moreover, these lasers do not have much hassle with the aspect of maintenance. Also, they have more longevity, and you do not need to think of purchasing another one for a long time.

Another aspect is the cost of these two kinds of lasers. It is true that the cost of the CO2 lasers is much less when compared to the fiber types. However, the price also depends on power. For fiber types, the power ranges from 20-6,000 W. And, for the CO2 lasers, you will get a power range of 20-150 W.

The next difference is the lack of mirrors in the case of fiber lasers. The Co2 lasers have numerous mirrors to direct the light for making the cut.

It is a well-known fact that CO2 laser machines have been around for a long time. Thus, people have adapted and know the various aspects of it quite minutely. Often, it offers assurance and confidence to the user.

However, the fiber laser cutting machines are quite recent. People do not know much about them. This also makes people more hesitant and apprehensive towards using them. There is a certain degree of unpredictability involved.

What to look for in a co2 laser cutting machine? 

With continuous advancement, the CO2 laser cutting machines have changed considerably. Now, there are numerous companies in the market that claim make them. If you are new or are buying a laser machine for the first time, there are some factors that you must take into consideration.

  • Size of the manufacturing operation

If you want to purchase the best CO2 laser machine, then you need to know the bed size. Remember that the size of the bed depends on the materials you will work with. Also, keep in mind that if you have a big-size bed, then you can complete more production at a time.

  • Quality of the tube

The tube is a vital component of the machine. It is here where the gas remains. Now, you will generally find three types of tubes – ceramic, metal, and glass. The ceramic ones are the most expensive type. However, they have a life shelf of about six years. They also offer a beam diameter as low as 2.2 mm.

Next, the metal tube is moderate in costs. It can last for three to five years based on how much you use it. Now, the last one is glass. It is the cheapest type and has a longevity of 500 hours of cutting. Furthermore, it produces a beam diameter of 5mm.

  • Wattage type

One of the most critical parameters that can impact your work is the watt. It is the wattage that will ensure the ability of the machine to splice the varied materials. Now depending on different aspects of the machine, CO2 lasers can work with more than 2000 watts.

Keep in mind that the more the wattage is, the more strength will the laser have. For instance, with 400 watts, you can only cut mild steel. However, with the aid of 1000 watts, you can splice heavy metals.

  • Take notice of the quality

It is vital that you check out the quality of the machine before making any decision. Remember that low-cost machines might not give the best cutting results. It is advisable to choose the ones that are available at an average market price.

These are some of the parameters that you can consider while looking for a CO2 laser cutter. No matter the brand you decide, make sure that you conduct thorough background research.

How to find a suitable supplier of CO2 laser machine in China? 


The availability of numerous CO2 laser machines manufacturers will leave you in a dilemma. Moreover, if you are buying one for the first time, you will obviously be a little confused. However, the tips to find a suitable supplier of Co2 laser cutting machine in China discussed below will make things easier for you.

Firstly, you need to understand cutting needs. There are various things that you need to examine before opting for a machine. For instance – the type of materials you want to cut, the thickness of the cut, etc. You can also consider the range of thickness of cuts.

Moreover, you also need to select a viable power segment for cutting. Apart from this, you must also consider if your business can sustain the cost of purchasing a machine.

Next, you must shortlist a few manufacturers and do visit them. It is suggested not to select one based solely on online research without knowing much about the manufacture. Also, try to gather information about the bed quenching procedure and after-sales support. If there is an issue with the product, you will need that customer care service.

After you check the quality of the Co2 laser cutting machine, you must assess the cost. Before you make any commitments, ensure that you know about the market price. Avoid prices that are too high. You are already making a huge investment in the business.

Moreover, the high cost does not necessarily guarantee the longevity or the quality of the product. However, it is wise to not go for the low prices as well. The best option is to choose the one that is within the affordable market range.

How much does a co2 laser machine cost? 


The cost of the co2 laser machine depends on different factors as discussed below. It is always better to compare the prices of similar machines.

  1. Brand

Different companies sell Co2 cutting machines at a varied price range. If the brand has been in the industry for years and has a good reputation, then the prices of their machines might be higher. However, a comparatively new manufacturer will keep prices moderate.

Moreover, you must also consider the after-sales service. It is quite understandable that known brands will have this value-added facility. Again, the new ones who are still trying to gain a foothold and might not have the after-care services.

  1. Types

The cost of the Co2 laser cutter can also vary depending on the type. But, the two main kinds are – RF and DC. The DC type is much more cost-effective than the RF one. However, the RF type has much more longevity than the former.

  1. Wattage

The wattage and the price of the machine are directly proportional. If the wattage is high, then the cost will also go up. Now, if you need to cut thick materials, you will need a high wattage laser beam.

These are some of the factors that can cause a variation in the price range. If you want to attain the best cost, it is advisable to compare the price quotes. However, when you do the comparison, make sure that you take into account the features.


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