how to choose best quality laser cutter

How can I buy a laser cutting machine suitable for my own factory?

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In the past three to five years, laser cutting machines have gradually moved from large companies to small workshops, and the boss who has enough budget will consider to buy one or several laser cutting equipment. As a result, manufacturers of laser cutting machine have emerged like a blowout. How to correctly buy a laser cutting machine suitable for their own factory has become a long-term research problem for customers. Here, I will mainly talk about my own experience, hope this can offer some helps to our readers .

First: understand your own cutting needs


For the factory’s own use or outsourcing processing, what material to cut, how much thickness to cut, the common thickness to cut , and how thick is the thickest cut, these should be summarized in advance. Choose a suitable power segment according to the cutting needs, and you must consider the cost of buying equipment to do business, and choose the most suitable laser cutting machine in the budget.

Second: Confirm whether the manufacturer of the laser cutting machine has its own production strength.

It is recommended to go to several laser cutter machine manufacturer to visit and inspect, and compare several companies will have a impression about the supplier . Don’t blindly consult various miscellaneous brand manufacturers online. Nowadays, various OEM manufacturers abound. Also need to know whether the laser cutting bed is self-made or outsourced? Bed quenching process, factory scale strength (directly affect after-sales service)

Third: Can related services be available in time?

People buy laser cutting machine not only buying their quality, but also the after-sales service. Does the brand have an office service point at the customer’s location and whether it can provide all aspects of service in time? If the equipment fails, how long will the service be in place?

Fourth: Does the price of the laser cutting machine in the same level of the market price?

It is normal for the price to be high or low, but the prices of laser cutting machines on the market are generally within a certain range. The outrageously high or low outrageous prices are all problematic and should be examined carefully.

Fifth: the principle of proximity

Try to choose close and capable manufacturers. Why do you say that? Because a regional office can never compare services with local companies, local companies can provide all aspects of services at the first time, and local companies generally have limited services Good service for local businesses. But it’s not to say that you choose local brands blindly, you still have to consider comprehensively and compare user reputation!

Our company has been in the laser cutting industry for many years in the sheet metal industry. If you have needs to buy a laser cutting machine or other sheet metal equipment, you can contact us if you need my help.


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