laser cutter harmful or not

Is the laser cutting machine harmful to the human body? After reading these points, you will know

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With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of lasers has become more and more important in our daily lives, but many people have always had a question:Will such a high-tech technology cause potential harm to the human body? Especially for large equipment like laser cutting machine, will it affect the health of users?


Thus, many people tend to be daunted when using laser products, and it is even difficult to put laser products into mass production.

Is the laser cutting machine harmful to the human body? After reading these points, you will know

From a fundamental level, laser cutting machines are generally harmless to the human body.

Although the laser cutting machine does not cause any harm to the human body in essence, if it is used improperly during use, it will also cause certain damage to the human body:

  1. Eye damage

When working with a laser cutting machine, workers often like to stare at the cutting head. If they stare at the cutting sparks for a long time, it will cause damage to the eyes and produce a tingling sensation. During the processing of the laser cutting machine, the laser emitted by the laser can be highly concentrated, and is focused on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye to form an image, so that the energy density on the retina is significantly higher than the incident energy density on the cornea. The upper laser has good monochromaticity and small chromatic aberration at the fundus, so it will cause damage to the cornea or retina.

  1. Skin damage

When the laser is irradiated to the skin, if its energy (power) is too large, it can cause skin damage. The damage can be repaired by the tissue, and the function is reduced, but it does not affect the overall functional structure. If the skin is exposed for a long time, it may cause burns and scars.

      3.respiratory system damage


When the laser is processing some special metal materials, the high temperature generated by the laser will combine with the gas and produce a large amount of dust. Most of these fumes contain a large amount of chemical components. The dust will also be suspended in the air. Careless inhalation can cause damage to the human respiratory system. .

So how should we avoid the damage caused by fiber laser cutting machine?

Allwinmac laser cutter application
Allwinmac laser cutter application
  1. Necessary protective equipment for laser cutting machine should be prepared, and protective glasses should be worn to prevent laser damage to human eyes. Other personnel in the work area should not look directly at the laser during cutting.
  2. Operators should pay attention to eating more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin AC and protein, which can better protect the eyes.
  3. Corresponding dust removal devices should be equipped, and try to operate in a smooth air environment, and wear masks.
  4. When arranging the cutting site, the site and walls of the working environment should be painted dark to reduce radiation.
  5. Don’t touch the cut parts immediately after processing to avoid burns due to residual temperature.
  6. Since the laser beam is an invisible beam, do not touch the light path during use to avoid damage to the body.
  7. There are harmful elements (ZnSe) in the focus lens of the laser cutting machine. Do not touch the lens frequently, and special treatment should be carried out after the lens is scrapped. Do not throw it out.

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