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Allwinmac is a leading laser cutter manufacturer and exporter in China, mainly supplying fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for processing various materials including metal ,farbic ,acrylic glass ,wood and so on.

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Allwinmac Fiber Laser Cutting Machine adopt the world’s advanced fiber laser, fixed optical circuit design, optical circuit maintenance-free, low operation cost, good cutting quality, high processing efficiency.Suitable for processing metals cutting and drilling (such as carbon steel, stainless steel,  alloy steel, aluminum and its alloy, titanium and its alloy, copper and its alloy,  and nickel-Molybdenum alloy. Also applicable to part of nonmetals, especially for processing sheet metal and  sheet panel.

Newly designed CO2 Laser Cutter ,more compact and erfonomic structure .This 1325 CO2 Laser Cutter equipped with imported linear rail guide with high durability ,stability and precision .Our CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is widely used in advertising ,art and crafts, lengther, tyos,garments, computerized embroidery and clipping ,packing and paper industry .

Allwinmac Laser Cutting Bed using strong steel structure machine body makes sure working stablility and low noise. Gear rack transmission with high precision. Our fiber laser cutter bed has perfect performance in processing acrylic, wood, bamboo, MDF, cloth, marble, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials.

Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine

This Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine is our classic structure model ,easy to operate .Our Metal and nonmetal laser cutter is suitable for processing different kind of long materials ,which can realize batch production and highly improve the working efficiency .

Laser cutting machine with auto feeding system adopt crawler-type worktable providing the fast cutting speed high utilization rate of material and continuous cutting. Our Auto feeding laser cutting machine is widely used in clothing, textiles, leather and other industries.It can update double laser heads auto move system and CCD system.

Small size high precision CCD laser cutting machine is designed for digital marking and printing industry ,with the advantages of high precision and speed, accurately position for cutting without any additional hand-works. Big size high precision CCD laser cutting machine which equipped with camera system, plus software function could capture the whole working pieces image on cutting area via camera at a time and automatically analyze to recognize the contour. Suitable for all kinds of digital printed fabric, including football jersey, swimming suit, cycling clothing,team wear, fashion apparel and etc.


At Allwinmac we incorporate high-class components for manufacturing our laser cutting machine. We follow a stringent quality control process which ensures that the end product is flawless.

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Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine is used for cutting and engraving by the energy released when the laser beam is irradiated to the surface of the workpiece ,it can melt and evaporate the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving. It has high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting patterns, automatic layout saves materials, and smooth cuts , low processing cost and other characteristics, will gradually improve or replace the traditional cutting process equipment.

Laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in sheet metal, handicrafts and other processing industries, whether in the field of metal cutting or non-metal cutting. The technology of laser cutting machines has been quite mature. Market share, but there are still many users who have various questions about how to choose a laser cutting machine that suits them. Here Allwinmac has summarized the complete buying guide for laser cutting machine from China manufactuere and supplier .Hope this can help you for choosing which laser cutter machine to buy.


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